"My mum gave a hand job to a mystic" Oliver Tate


Pretty sure last night was the most legendary I’ve ever had. I smoked cigarettes and drank with The Arctic Monkeys and Foster the People. Alex Turner let me fangirl, take selfies with him and kiss his cheek. I was THAT girl, and I’m 100 percent okay with it.

Heath Kirchart


i have to write a paragraph about how my grandma, who past away, affected my life for her funeral on saturday.

how do i compress my whole life into 5 lines?



Scream (1996)
I wasn’t necessarily ready to settle down but I realized I was never going to meet anyone as perfect, so I couldn’t let her get away
— Julian Casablancas on his wife, Juliet (via julietjoslins)

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anonymous requested: Can you pretty please post a version of the Al gif smiling at Reading in black and white?